Why open obex over bluetooth is so slow?

  • gongbell

    gongbell - 2007-07-30

    I am using open obex over bluez stack on linux to push file to a nokia phone.My donle is a usb csr dongle. I programmed followed the test example for pushing files in openobex. But I foud the speed is too slow, about no more than 20kBype/s. If I use the windows or ivt stack for pushing, with same pc and phone, the speed is twice as openobex-about 60-70kByte/s. And the kdebluetooth also use openobex to push, it's as slow as my program-about 15-20kByte/s.

    I wonder is this caused by the bluez stack or due to defect of open obex? Is there any way to improve the speed for obexpush over bluetooth?

    • surfzoid

      surfzoid - 2007-09-07

      Yu should try gnome bt with nautilus for example then as it yu should know if the problem come from openobex or bluez, perhap's it only a driver problem, are yu using ndiswrapper?

    • Matthias

      Matthias - 2007-09-19

      I noticed the same. I can push files more than twice as fast using windows.

  • mario balaban

    mario balaban - 2009-11-12

    I'm also experiencing the speed problem. I need to send large files to the device using a bash script, but the speed is never higher than 15kb/s. Instead using the gui tool from the Blueman applet 1.10 (Ubuntu 9.10)  the speed achieves 115-120kb/s, but I didn't manage to send files from command line via obex-data-server. :( Is there something I can do to set the speed of data exchange higher?


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