Henrik Östman - 2007-04-20


I'm a last year student currently working on a project about client-server communication using mobilephones. The application on the phone will be implemented in JavaME(MIDP v2) because most phones today support Java and my customer has requested it.
The application should be able to send and receive textmessages and binaryfiles(pictures, movieclips,music,..). For text i will probably use XML and send it over HTTP, but there are a too big overhead for binary files using this method. I've tried to encode a short movieclip using Base64 and it became 40% bigger(2300KB bigger). As GRPS has a very limited bandwidth and users are paying per MegaByte transfered this is not a acceptable option. So i started to looking for other formats/protocol to send binary data with and stumbled upon OPEX.

What do you experts think, is OPEX a good protocol for transfering binary data to and from a mobilephone? Do you know of any other protocol that are better suited och available?

I know that Java is not currently supported, but hypothetical is it a good solution?
What part of the OPEX stack and programsuit do i need to port to get the sending and receiving of binary files working? I see that Java has been listed as one of the protocol that maybe OPEX will be ported to in the future, but judging from the crossed line over the Java-word it has been craped. Why??(C# is still listed)

Any answers would be appreciate!!

cheers, Henrik