Carl Benson - 2005-10-17

Hi all. I have searched for help regarding compiling openobex for ARM-Linux but all I can find are messages about people succeeding and not mentioning how they did it.

I have done a ./configure and then replaced gcc with arm-linux-gcc in all the makefiles (the same with ld, as, strip, objdump etc.). When I try to do 'make' it fails on obex_main.c complaining about

/tmp/cc83ERGD.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc83ERGD.s:349: Error: bad instruction `rorw $8,r2'
/tmp/cc83ERGD.s:386: Error: bad instruction `rorw $8,r3

Further investigation tells me it could be related to compiling to big-endian arch, but leaving out the big-endian flag produces the same result. Do I need to define anything else? Has anyone stumbled across this problem and solved it?

Thanks everyone,