openobex ftp server example?

angel i
  • angel i

    angel i - 2008-07-29

    Is there an example on how to start with an openobex ftp server?
    I have to create an application wich listens for connections in our company and as soon as someone has connected, to send him a file (a wallpaper for example).
    I couldn't find any examples of such a server, only for cliend.
    Another question is...sometime when the connection is made over the bluetooth with a device, trying to send a file to it, the device is asked for a password. I know that this has to do with bluez and not openobex, as bluez is used as bluetooth stack on linux, but can this step (asking for a password for an unpaired device) be skipped?
    I am running passkey-agent (passkey-agent --default 1234) as an password agent and seems to work fine but I would like to disable this authentification process.

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      What you describe is not an obex server. More like an inverse client. A number of people are already using this as some kind of advertising solution. Ask on the mailing list.


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