ObexFTP doesn't find my USB support

  • sabaoth

    sabaoth - 2006-01-22

    I compiled the latets openobex CVS successfully. When installed, everything goes fine when testing the USB connection with my Nokia:

    franqui@Atlantis:~$ sudo obex_test -u
    Using USB transport, querying available interfaces
    Interface 0: Nokia Nokia 6630 SYNCML-SYNC
    Interface 1: Nokia Nokia 6630 PC Suite Services
    Use 'obex_test -u interface_number' to run interactive OBEX test client

    However, when running ./configure in ObexFTP 0.18 (got it from http://openobex.triq.net/\) USB is not detected. I tried hacking configure and forcing the "define #HAVE_USB 1" (as my openobex is supposed to have USB support), but I get errors when compiling:

    client.c: In function 'obexftp_connect_uuid':
    client.c:498: error: 'obex_intf_info_t' undeclared (first use in this function)
    client.c:498: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    client.c:498: error: for each function it appears in.)
    client.c:498: error: 'obex_intf' undeclared (first use in this function)

    I'm completely lost. The datatype obex_intf_info_t is nowhere in /usr/include/openobex/obex.h, nor in /usr/include/openobex/obex_const.h.

    Does someone know something about USB support? Thanks in advance.


    P.S.: Besides that, openobex-config was not installed when using CVS openobex (as pointed in a previous thread), and I had to copy it from OpenObex 1.0.1 to get ObexFTP configure...

    • Alex Kanavin

      Alex Kanavin - 2006-01-22

      Obexftp is picking up include files from an older version of openobex, which you should deinstall first.

    • sabaoth

      sabaoth - 2006-01-22

      Well, I checked and I have no previous version from openobex.

      Anyways, the data structure 'obex_intf_info_t', which obexftp 0.18 requests is nowhere defined in the latest openobex CVS.

      On the other hand, for the USB test in obexftp 0.18 ./configure, a variable with type "usb_obex_intf_info_t" is required, but no "usb_obex_intf_info_t" is defined in openobex CVS.

      Both of those datatypes *were* indeed once in your patch (as I got it from the HOWTO http://members.dodo.com.au/~joaniemrc/nokia/Nokia-6670-USB.html\). But in the version you have in your page they're not there anymore (nor were they when the patch was applied to the CVS, I guess).

      Is there a newer (CVS) version of obexftp? I suppose those data structures changed and the changes are not in obexftp 0.18.

      Thank you again,


    • Alex Kanavin

      Alex Kanavin - 2006-01-22

      Yeah, you're right. I renamed the structures becase the openobex maintainer asked me to, but this was never picked up by obexftp, and went through to 0.18 release. You should report this on the openobex-users mailing list, or directly to the author. Obexftp is using private SVN, but there should be a public mirror soon.

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      ObexFTP 0.18 won't work with openobex-1.1.
      I'll release ObexFTP 0.19 in the next few days along with OpenOBEX 1.1.

    • sabaoth

      sabaoth - 2006-01-24

      Well, those are good news, indeed... Revising versions, patches and compiling them was driving me mad...

      You're doing a great work. Thank you all.


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