Not found problem on T610

Gary Sims
  • Gary Sims

    Gary Sims - 2004-10-01


    I am using openobex-1.0.1 and obexftp-0.10.4. I have a Sony Ericsson T610 and I am connecting via a serial cable.

    Simple listings with obexftp work OK with the following command line:

    obexftp -t /dev/ttyS0 -l /

    And I then get an XML file showing Sounds, Pictures etc.

    However if I try and get or a put, I get a failure message.

    After enabling debug I see that the error is 44, i.e. NOT FOUND.

    $ obexftp -t /dev/ttyS0 -g "/Pictures/Chess.jpg"

    Receiving /Pictures/Chess.jpg... obexftp_get() Getting /Pictures/Chess.jpg -> Chess.jpg
    cli_obex_event() OBEX_EV_REQDONE: obex_rsp=44

    Am I using the command line wrong?

    Many thanks,


    • Gary Sims

      Gary Sims - 2004-10-02


      After further work, I see that I should use -c and not specifiy the directory in the -g parameter. Now I am getting a 41 response, i.e. UNAUTHORIZED.

      I see that there was a post with a patch against 0.10.4-rc3 which dealt with this problem, but looking at the code for 0.10.4 maybe this has been included????

      Any ideas?



    • Olivier Berger

      Olivier Berger - 2005-01-09
    • Jason Gabler

      Jason Gabler - 2005-03-02

      (this is also on a reply to the patch's thread)

      I was playing around with this.   I was not able to download
      anything.  Then I added the patch was able to download
      everything but (what I thought was) any JPEG.  I turned
      debugging on obexftp and recompiled, alone with some of my
      own debugging lines.

      Upon failure to download a file called "Picture(9).jpg"
      openobex was returning a code of 0x44 to obexftp, which is
      "...NOT_FOUND".  Knowing the file I wanted was surely there,
      on a hunch I began playing with file names.  I kept trying
      "Picture(9).jpg" with .jpeg, .jpe, etc.  I couldn't get the
      file.  Then I tried the stock pic named "Aura.jpg", and it
      downloaded!  So I thought perhaps it was the ()'s in the
      other filename.  So I renamed the file and removed the
      parentheses.  The file, now named "Picture9.jpg" downloaded!
      Then I put the parentheses back on ... and it downloaded!
      Huh?!  The only reasonable conclusion I could think of was
      that something in file renaming had jiggled the filesystem
      in the phone.  I had resently done a master reset on my
      phone and since then have not renamed any files until going
      thru the process I describe above.  So this might not be an
      openobex or  obexftp but a Sony Ericsson filesystem bug.

      btw - this was with a T616



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