ESOCKTNOSUPPORT error with obexftp

  • Lukar

    Lukar - 2007-06-10

    Hi am coding a bluetooth application to do obex push transfers to mobile phones.when using obexftp_connect(cli, addr, port) I am receiving an error number -94 which translates into ESOCKTNOSUPPORT. I had a look to the obexftp source code for client.c so it seems that in this function there is a switch which uses cli->transport to see if the client was succesfuly set with the bluetooth transport.

    This is why i printed out in my application the following line after successfuly executing cli obexftp_open(OBEX_TRANS_BLUETOOTH, NULL, NUll, NULL);

    printf("%d, %d\n", cli->transport, OBEX_TRANS_BLUETOOTH);

    The result was


    4, 4


    To me it seems as if the source code for the obexftp library should not return such error but it is doing so...

    Note: I am retrieving succesfuly the channel of the mobile phone with the sdp service library. So this error is confusing me.

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      This error is returned if either ObexFTP or OpenOBEX is compiled without bluetooth support. You need to check the ./configure output of ObexFTP and OpenOBEX for "bluetooth... yes".

      If you use the latest ObexFTP (0.22-rc, wiki->downloads) you get sdp support with ObexFTP.

      For a push example see:

    • Lukar

      Lukar - 2007-06-11

      How can i set the configuration to yes? I don't really know where to look for such configuration.


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