• wotan

    wotan - 2008-05-31

    Hi there.

    I'd like to know how OBEX_FindInterfaces (lib/obex.c) decides what (usb) interfaces are supported ones. Perhaps it is done somewhere in usbobex_find_interfaces (lib/usbobex.c).

    The reason I wish to know that is, that I'm trying to get my nokia 6021 working (via usb cable) with opensync-syncml.  Opensync-syncml is using openobex and I am not able to find any device by typing (sudo) syncml-obex-client -u nor obex_test -u (btw I working with ubuntu 7.10). But lsusb list an device. So I found out that the usb cable I'm using is only a cheap remake of CA-42 (vendor/product id: 6547:0232). That's where I see the problem why it is not deteceted as usbobex device, although 6021 is usually supported by openobex/opensync-syncml (http://dev.zuckschwerdt.org/openobex/wiki/SupportedPhonesNokia#Nokia6021).

    Now I'd like to make openopex detecting 6021 also when this cable is used. Some function already worked with gnokii and kmobiletools. Thanx for any help.

    Kind regards


    • Alex Kanavin

      Alex Kanavin - 2008-05-31

      The link you provided does not say that the phone is supported by openobex or opensync-syncml. It says that obex works over infrared, that's all.

      The mention of CA-42 clearly indicates that your phone does not have USB OBEX interfaces (and therefore it doesn't support syncml either). What it does have is a serial port that the chip in your cable presents as a USB serial device. You can definitely use that device as a modem, or access AT command set functionality with gnokii, but there is no OBEX or SyncML accessible over USB. If your phone has bluetooth, you can use sdptool to find out if OBEX services are available over that.


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