John Frankishh - 2008-09-14


I'm using bluez-4.4, openobex-1.3, obexftp-0.22, obexfs-0.11, fuse-2.7.3 and a 2.6.26 kernel with fuse compiled into the kernel.

After pairing my laptop with my sonyericsson p1i phone, I can use obexftp:

$ obexftp -b 00:1E:45:8B:2A:33 -l
Browsing 00:1E:45:8B:2A:33 ...
Receiving "(null)"...\&lt;?xml version="1.0"?><!DOCTYPE folder-listing SYSTEM "obex-folder-listing.dtd"><folder-listing version="1.0"><folder name="Internal" user-perm="R" group-perm="R"/><folder name="External D" user-perm="R" group-perm="R"/></folder-listing>done

$ obexftp -b 00:1E:45:8B:2A:33 -p /usr/src/obexfs-0.11/AUTHORS
Sending "/usr/src/obexfs-0.11/AUTHORS"... done

...but I cannot mount the phone's file system:

$ obexfs -b 00:1E:45:8B:2A:33 -B 5 /tmp/mnt        
fuse: bad mount point `/tmp/mnt': Transport endpoint is not connected

$ obexautofs /mnt/bt                
IrDA searching not available.
USB searching not available.
TTY searching not available.
$ sudo ls /mnt/bt
00:1E:45:8B:2A:33  P1i
$ sudo ls /mnt/bt/00:1E:45:8B:2A:33
ls: /mnt/bt/00:1E:45:8B:2A:33: Transport endpoint is not connected

Am I doing something wrong - this used to work with a SE P900?

Note that the debug command from the open obex web page gives:

$ obexfs -b 00:1E:45:8B:2A:33 -B 5 -- -d -f /tmp/mnt
unique: 1, opcode: INIT (26), nodeid: 0, insize: 56
INIT: 7.9
   INIT: 7.8
   unique: 1, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 40
unique: 2, opcode: GETATTR (3), nodeid: 1, insize: 56
   unique: 2, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 112
unique: 3, opcode: OPENDIR (27), nodeid: 1, insize: 48
   unique: 3, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 32
unique: 4, opcode: READDIR (28), nodeid: 1, insize: 80
ofs_connect() >>>blocking<<<
Segmentation fault

Where the seg fault happens when I try "ls /tmp/mnt" from another terminal window.