TC45 stops respond AT command after obexftp

  • Jiri Netolicky

    Jiri Netolicky - 2005-09-12

    I'm using obexftp 0.10.7 for upload Java application to Siemens TC45
    module. Sending, deleting works fine, but after any operation modul stops respond to AT commands. I have to reset it. Dont you know where is the problem?

    Thanks Netolish

    • Ivan Francolin Martinez

      can you give-me some information about how to use obex to transfer files from/to tc45 ?

      • Jiri Netolicky

        Jiri Netolicky - 2005-09-13

        To put file I'm using
           obextftp -t /dev/ttyS0 -c somedir -p gps.jar
        When I "update" the file I first remov it
          obextftp -t /dev/ttyS0 -c somedir -k gps.jar
        and then
          obextftp -t /dev/ttyS0 -c somedir -p gps.jar

        Multiple sending and deleting files still works fine. But after any
        operation for example obexftp -t /dev/ttyS0 -l the modul stops
        communicate on terminal. I'm using s small python "" application. May be there is only bad setting of COM port.

      • Jiri Netolicky

        Jiri Netolicky - 2005-09-13

        I  have found this link

        and try sequnce


        Modul now response AT commands, but missing echo characters - I dont see what I'm writing. I see only responses for command.


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