OBexFTp documentation is not up-to-date

  • Hendrik Sattler

    Hendrik Sattler - 2005-01-09


    besides the fact that doc/COPYING.html and doc/INSTALL.html are empty in the 0.10.6 tarball (the packager should either update txt2html >=2.25 or remove the unknown option --bold_delimiter), the README and thus doc/README.html is out of date:
    - it states the obex* command for * in {ls,cp,md,rd,rm} but it is checked for {ls,get,put,mv,rm}, thus 60%(!) are wrong.
    - it references bfb_keysim and bfb_eeprom but they are not present
    - the manpage references an non-existent EXAMPLES section
    - the manpage references gObexFtp and vfs-obexftp that are not part of the package (and who cares for those when reading the manpage?)

    Additonally, it does not quite make sense to create doc/INSTALL.html or install the INSTALL file with a "make install".


    • Eduardo Perez Ureta

      Maybe if you make a patch it would be easier for the packager.

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      Most of the documentation has moved to a wiki and there is no longer a htmlification in the releases.

      The obex{ls,cp,...} commands will work if you call the main app by such a name (using symlinks). The default install target won't do that for you.


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