obexftpd-server on windows

  • Reto Bachmann

    Reto Bachmann - 2008-01-14

    Hello all together :-),

    i've got a question about the obexftpd-server on windows. I want to start a server for bluetooth, so i choose the option -b 9 for the channel 9.
    now i get the error "register to SDP Server failed.".

    What i do is the following:
    1. Register a specific service with WSASetService on the channel 9.
    2. Start the daemon with the following options (obexftpd.exe -c path -b 9)

    Does anyone know about this error on windows?
    Has anyone already successfully started the daemon on windows?

    Thank for your answers.


    • Reto Bachmann

      Reto Bachmann - 2008-01-15


      here are some more informations about my problem.

      When I try to connect to this specific service (see the description above) using ftp_connect, I see in the Bluetooth-Information-Window from Microsoft, that I'm connected for a very short time and then the connection breaks.
      When i call perror(), then i get the message "Result too large".

      Does anyone know something about my problem?

      Kind Regards,

    • Andy Lavarre

      Andy Lavarre - 2008-01-19

      Reto hello.

      Without doing a lot of research, it occurs to me that you may wish to double check the switch for the channel number:

           + In obexautofs and obexfs it is UPPER case -B vice -b.

                -b (lower CASE) is used for indicating the device MAC address.

      For example:

           obexfs -b00:1A:89:BF:67:53 -B11 -N /mnt/nokia_e90/

      Good luck, Andy Lavarre


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