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Bluetooth doesn't work with 0.10.4rc3

  • Hendrik Sattler

    Hendrik Sattler - 2004-03-11


    "obexft -h" offer the following:
    -b, --bluetooth <device>    connect to this bluetooth device
    -B, --channel <number>      use this bluetooth channel when connecting

    what does <device> mean? Maybe something like "/dev/rfcomm0", just "0" or the MAC address of the real world device?

    I tried everything from 1. and it always wants to connect via IrDA. Obviously something is not right, yet.

    Is the Option -B mandatory or optional?

    IrDA conntection to S55 works fine, using -i or not.


    • Luke Skywalker

      Luke Skywalker - 2004-09-27

      In -b, <device> is the "MAC" address of the device.

      -B is mandatory, for all I know, you need to specify channel for obex file push.

      I can't get it to work anyway, after my phone (S55) asks for a pin, obexftp just hangs on "Connecting..." and times out after a while, no matter what pin I enter. I've read somewhere that it should be pin from /etc/bluetooth/pin, but that doesn't work.


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