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  • phenix

    phenix - 2006-03-19

    I have down the OpenObex !
    How can I get information about the API that I can use in C-programming for the file transfer work? I want to know how to use these functions in the ~/lib.Anyone who can help me ?Thank you!

    • Tomas Macek

      Tomas Macek - 2006-03-19

      The API function documentation is poor - or better horrible. I found some document a few months ago, about old version of libopenobex, but it's outdated now, and at that time it was still unusable.
      Your only and best change IMHO is to study some functional sources. But when you will read this mailing list, you will see, that not all "functional sources" work on every phone... :(

    • phenix

      phenix - 2006-03-21

      Hello T. Macek!
         You mean I should read all of the functional sources,didn't you ?
         I am a beginner and know little about OBEX!I try to read the OBEX Protocol ,but find it difficult to completely understand just because I am from a non-Einglish county!To be honest ,my English is too poor!
        And so many codes in the libopenobex also confuse me !Can you give me some suggestion how to read the codes?Or some related documentation.
      Thank you for help me !

      • Tomas Macek

        Tomas Macek - 2006-03-23

        >> You mean I should read all of the functional sources,didn't you ?
        Yes, I'm afraid I did. That's the simplest way according to me how to learn the openobex api and how to build your own program.
        If you are asking about the real API doc and packet description, the API doc is very poor and the lack of doc was the reason why I gave up my tries doing something with openobex for myself. There must be some packet description on the internet, but I don't know where, I've never tried to find it for me.
        I'm from the non english speaking countery (CZ) and I think, you cannot study any packet documentation and description without english... ;-)

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      Ok, so all you developers out there demand api docs.
      Fair enough. I compiled the current api to HTML and PDF now: http://openobex.triq.net/apidocs/

      Please have a look and tell me if important things are missing. I'll be touching up the api docs in the weeks to come.

      • Alex Kanavin

        Alex Kanavin - 2006-03-23

        Should we perhaps put the API docs on the wiki, and remove them from CVS?

        • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

          Nope. Those are just wrappers really.

          The Wiki could feature an API tutorial and some tips and tricks (faq) pages.

      • Tomas Macek

        Tomas Macek - 2006-03-24

        This link is supposed to be in wiki under the devel section - why it was not there?. Now just added ;-)


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