Limited success with Sony-Ericsson k608i

  • jason

    jason - 2005-12-12

    I've been able to connect to my k608i using obexftp (over usb).  It allows me to list top-level folders.

    However if a call is made to obexftp_setpath(), as is the case when either the -c arg is used, or when the -l arg specifes a nested folder, the associated sync response is a failure; either a OBEX_RSP_UNAUTHORIZED or OBEX_RSP_FORBIDDEN.  Curiously, the setpath causes the phone to prompt whether the folder should be created - I get the different errors according to whether I respond with a yes or no.

    I'm wondering if I get the create prompt because I'm not specifying the absolute path properly (e.g. prefixing with 'C:\' or similar).  I've tried all manner of experiments, but without success.  The phone doesn't seem to recognise 'C:', 'D:', etc. 

    Suggestions welcome.  I'm happy to try coding experiments too.

    • jason

      jason - 2005-12-12

      The behaviour seems to be independent of the USB transport - I've also tested it over IR, and the same thing occurs.


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