free OBEX library which run on Java+Linux

  • Tadaoki

    Tadaoki - 2007-09-18

    I am a beginner of OBEX, and I am now looking for an OBEX library which runs on Java+Linux.

    According to the top page of the OpenOBEX project, the project says it is not planning to make Java libraries because they already exists.

    But, I could not find any with google. If anybody knows, please tell me.


    • Matthias

      Matthias - 2007-09-18

      Well I googled for about 5 seconds and the first link was

      • Manuel Naranjo

        Manuel Naranjo - 2007-09-18

        Search for AvetanaBT.
        You can also make a swig adapter to get access to openobex from java. I think this is the best. Or you can call obexftp from java.

    • Tadaoki

      Tadaoki - 2007-09-19

      Thanks for your reply.

      However, I would like to use Java implementation of OBEX on top of irda software stack, not Blootooth one, sorry.

      At my first glance, I could not find any explicit statement that the software above can be also applied to infra-red.....

      After sending the last message, I happened to find the following:

      1.Jred Project


      Does anybody know any other implementation? or Could anybody recommend the best one?
      Or is it the best to make a wrapper on OpenOBEX?


      • Manuel Naranjo

        Manuel Naranjo - 2007-09-19

        There's a version of aventana that you can use as standalone obex. But I think that a wrapper to OpenObex is not a bad idea at all.


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