Can I get OBEX to work?

  • pomprocker

    pomprocker - 2006-10-16

    I have a Verizon V3M phone, that has the Bluetooth equipment onboard, but no OBEX profile. If there any way to get an OBEX profile on this phone and get it to work?

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      Are you sure your doesn't support OBEX? It can't be added then.

      Please use "sdptool search", copy your device address, then type "sdptool browse <address>". Where <address> is your device address, something like 01:23:45:67:89:0a.

      Send the output to the openobex-users mailing list.

    • pomprocker

      pomprocker - 2006-10-19

      Where do I get the sdptool from? I am running mac os x or win xp.

    • pomprocker

      pomprocker - 2006-10-23

      Im not running Linux....Im running Darwin Unix. So now what?

      • surfzoid

        surfzoid - 2006-10-23

        I'm not expert in unix and linux, but my point of view is you should download source package of openobex, obexftp, bluez and other prérequist and the try a ./configure && make clean && make && make install .
        So for each error you meet go step by step ......
        Once again just my point of view, not sur and at your risk.


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