ObexFS student project

  • Arnaud

    Arnaud - 2006-01-10


    As assistant professors at the university of Bordeaux (France), we would like to propose a project to Master Students (Graduate) about ObexFS.

    The research made googling didn't give us any result  about work in progress on that topic (http://openobex.triq.net/obexfs).

    Hence, we could contribute by actually launching the project with our students.

    Could you confirm that :
    - Nobody has done the work yet
    - That it's feasible
    - Fuse has a future ;-)

    Best Regards

    A. Casteigts & M. Raspaud

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      Thank you for considering ObexFS.
      Actually ObexFS has been developed since 2003 and is working quite fine now. (It is beta quality and not very known yet)
      It just a thin and stable wrapper layer now. Most of the work is done in the ObexFTP library.
      I updated the aforementioned wiki page too.

    • Arnaud

      Arnaud - 2006-01-11

      Thanks for the quick answer.

      So how about gnome-vfs ? Is it also already done ?
      Is it still meaningfull since ObexFS is ready ?
      Or could we use it as a project ?
      Or would you have any idea for a project around obex and/or bluetooth ?


      A. Casteigts, M. Raspaud

    • Alex Kanavin

      Alex Kanavin - 2006-01-12

      One project could be adding Bluetooth interface discovery functionality, similar to USB discovery. I  suggest you join the mailing list and ask there, because all development work happens on the list.



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