Hi Chris, 

A few like me, I thought the peoples are looking around  about the recent change from No Machine : 725 => 20 downloads vs 729 => 564 downloads
So I uninstalled the NX client and I tried the OpenNx client the last version isn't working and the release 725 is working. I believed the NX client may impact OpenNX installation.
I uninstalled all OpenNX version. I installed again the NX Client 3.5, and I installed OpenNX on the same workstation with Win XP, result : the last version isn't working and the release 725 is working

On Win 7 : 
 the last version isn't working and the release 725 is working but we got some authentication problem. I need investigate this last point with the end user and I let you know. 

So, I'm going to keep the 725 release.

2013/12/4 <chris@ccburton.com>

Michel Dubois <dubois.michel@gmail.com> wrote on 04/12/2013 13:31:22:

> Ok I found how to download the old version and the OpenNX-
> works fine

> The Version seems to be bugged.
> Could you confirm ?

Looks like it - mine has issues anyway, so I'm rolling back


raised bug #71 about it on 28th Nov

The "Looking for the latest version?" link :-


Fritz fixed some stuff on 25th Nov
did an SVN commit
jenkins, hudson and the opensuse build service built it all
all the download links updated

564 people have downloaded the windows -Setup.exe in the last week anyway,
350 downloaded the .dmg
no doubt we will hear something else about it in due course

> Regards.

> 2013/12/4 Michel Dubois <dubois.michel@gmail.com>
> Chris,

> I'm thinking you're right
> I installed the Version (RELEASE) distributed by the web
> site.  We check on WIN XP and Windows 7. The both install doesn't work.

> I noted I'm not able to download other version.
> Thanks

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