Ok I found how to download the old version and the OpenNX- works fine
The Version seems to be bugged.
Could you confirm ?

2013/12/4 Michel Dubois <dubois.michel@gmail.com>

I'm thinking you're right
I installed the Version (RELEASE) distributed by the web site.  We check on WIN XP and Windows 7. The both install doesn't work.
I noted I'm not able to download other version.

2013/12/4 <chris@ccburton.com>

Michel Dubois <dubois.michel@gmail.com> wrote on 04/12/2013 10:38:46:

> Hi Chris, 

> Sorry I answered to Jean and I forgot to put the List in copy.

> So As agreed : 
> NXSERVER - Version 3.5.0-8 - LESS
> NXNODE - Version 3.5.0-6 - LESN

> As I  told Jean: 

> I went to try a connection to  an other server with FreeNX server
> installed and I've got the same behavior. 

Issue follows client . . .

> I try the connection with  the old NX Cleint on windows  I 've no problem.

Issue follows client . . . .

>  I noted OpenNXclient create in C:\Documents and Setting\users\.nx a
> tmp directory with 2 empty files as  runlog and sshlog.


> On the server with freeNX I found an empty directory /var/log/nx. 
> I don't have any log I'm afraid

You need to set up sever logging as the first step in (almost)
        any problem solving . . . .

Do you know how to do this ???

> However I prefered to focus on the freenx server

Why ?? if the issue follows the client ????

> Thank


> I tried OpenNX client for windows OS without good result.

Are you using OpenNX version


'cos I've noticed an issue too . . . . . .
        ( on linux tho' )

Michel Dubois

Michel Dubois