If you have installed OpenNX with the source, it doesn't work.

During compilation, you download nxssh, nxcomp and nxproxy but it's now impossible to get these files. NoMachines delete these files.


2014/1/23 <chris@ccburton.com>

Mattia Giacone <giacons92@gmail.com> wrote on 22/01/2014 17:39:19:

> I have a problem connecting to my debian server.

> I get this error messageá
> execvp(/etc/NX/bin/nxssh, -nx, -x, -2, -p, 10094, -o,
> RhostsAuthentication no, -o, PasswordAuthentication no, -o,
> RSAAuthentication no, -o, RhostsRSAAuthentication no, -o,
> PubkeyAuthentication yes, -i, /home/mattia/.nx/temp/13510/keylog, -B, -E,
> nx@ failed with error 2!

execvp error 2 from errors.h :-

á á á á http://www.virtsync.com/c-error-codes-include-errno

á á á á #define ENOENT á á á 2 á/* No such file or directory */

So . . . .

Did you actually install :-

á á á á nxssh


If so, did you actually install it to :-

á á á á /etc/NX/bin/nxssh



Is it maybe in:-

á á á á /usr/NX/bin/


> Could you please help me?

> Thanks

Let us know how you get on . . . .

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