Well, I got it installed! Saturday night at midnight!  ARGH!
I had to go in and figure out why yum why broken and fix the type setting so the metaparser would work.

The problem with libpq.so.4 is that I installed postgresql 8.3.7 I believe. It had a libpq-so.5 which seems more appropo since I'm running on 5.  I tried to link libpq.so.5 to libpq.so.4 but no dice. Anyway, I erased it then reinstalled via yum.

Resolving postgresql without yum would have been impossible.

Now I have to figure out how much OS they did install.  The OS images seem very minimalist.

>From what I can tell, I have RHEL 5.  While I did start out with 4, I had the instance reimaged.  I am running an a specialized lab environment with alot of restrictions...  Like I have to ssh tunnel the UI to my office laptop.

We are violating the cardinal sin... Its running as a VM on eGenera hardware. (You use what you have!)  But this is an evaluation box.  Nothing in production.

Thanks Fellas!


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On May 15, 2009, at 6:52 PM, douglasstvnsn@aol.com wrote:

> Now, I cannot find libpq.so.4 No RPMs will install and its not in  
> any packages I can find.  It looks like OpenNMS mandates postgresql- 
> server.i386 0:8.1.11-1 but I installed postgresql-8.3.7-1...  So, it  
> looks like I have to back that out.

It is probably in postgresql-libs. There is definitely something wrong  
with your O/S. Package management thinks the latest version is 8.1,  
but it looks like you are installing 8.3. My guess is that instead of  
a clean install, RHEL 4 was upgraded to RHEL 5, and it was done poorly.

OpenNMS is actually quite easy to install. You just need the Java SDK  
(you can get the rpm from Sun) and postgresql-server. The latter will  
require postgresql and postgresql-libs. As you can imagine they should  
all match, version-wise. Now postgresql might have other dependencies,  
and if your O/S is pooched trying to install it may be painful, since  
it looks like you have some crazy hybrid of RHEL 4 and RHEL 5.

Then from the OpenNMS repo grab jicmp for your O/S, then opennms,  
opennms-core, and opennms-webapp-jetty. That's it. You don't *need*  

But as I mentioned earlier, if yum is puking then you've got more  
problems than yum. Even if you get OpenNMS installed, you'll most  
likely experience other problems because it doesn't look like the O/S  
is sane.


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