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version 0.6.0 and new role for OpenNLP

So, I finally got around to restructuring the build system of OpenNLP (and various other projects) and making a proper release. In addition to the jar file, there is also a tar gzipped file containing all the source and the supporting libraries for OpenNLP.

There are a number of changes from version 0.4.0, most of which have been available in the CVS for a long time. While thsee are substantial, the OpenNLP API is still nowhere near what it should be. However, expect improvements in the unification stuff and in the way that XML is used in the preprocessing architecture. With the creation of the Leo Project (, this API has the potential to become much more general and useful.

Regardless of the API, OpenNLP has become the organizational head for a number of projects, replacing the "Quipu" moniker". The present projects are Grok, Maxent, and Leo. Anyone else wishing to create open source natural language is free to add their project to the bunch. We welcome all theories and programming languages.


Posted by Jason Baldridge 2001-10-12

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