OpenNLP status

This is just a quick note to say that though I have failed to make a release, there are changes in the OpenNLP interfaces in the CVS. The primary difference is that the interfaces have been split into several subpackages such as quipu.opennlp.discourse, quipu.opennlp.parse, etc. Another difference is that I am trying to move the interfaces away from being categorial grammar specific.

There another interesting thing to mention on the future of OpenNLP. I am interested in moving much of the focus of OpenNLP to be the definition of data formats (generally XML) for resources such as lexicons and document markup by language processors. I'll be working for and with NASA this summer on defining XML specifications for lexicons, and hopefully this will become part of the OpenNLP project. The major contribution of this emphasis is to move away from the Java-centric nature of OpenNLP as it currently is.

Also, I would love to know of any open source distributed agent systems comparable to the Open Agent Architecture (OAA), which would allow OpenNLP to move into a less Java-centric mode. (Though we will continue to retain the Java interfaces as part of OpenNLP, of course.)


Posted by Jason Baldridge 2001-06-11

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