Newlang tutorial

  • Joern Kottmann

    Joern Kottmann - 2010-10-05

    A few things already changed or easier now compared to when
    Jason did write the newlang tutorial.

    I suggest that we change it into instructions on how to train OpenNLP
    on Conll06 data.

    Any opinions ?


  • Ravaka Razafimanantsoa

    Hi !

    If it has become simpler, it is better to make a new one.

    I wish for a more abstract explanation allowing people to add any new language from any data for instance with requirements and format used by OpenNLP.

  • Joern Kottmann

    Joern Kottmann - 2010-11-02

    A more general description about the training should be part of the documentation for the component. The newlang tutorial should in my opinion only describe how to convert the conll06 data into the native OpenNLP format.

    Actually Jason did write this tutorial, and then it was really easy to see that all the things
    he explained could be integrated into OpenNLP and I started working on that. Now
    its released and I think we should also rewrite the tutorial.
    Would that be ok for you Jason, or do you want to keep it in
    the current form ?


  • Jason Baldridge

    Jason Baldridge - 2010-11-03

    By all means, please do rewrite the tutorial to be more appropriate/updated! I really just wanted to get the ball rolling, and I'm very happy with where it has gone and is going.



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