Newlang tutorial - Running OpenNLP

  • Joern Kottmann

    Joern Kottmann - 2010-08-12

    Hi Jason,

    the opennlp script was updated two weeks ago. Did you tested with this
    updated version or the old version ?

    If you are referring to the updated version, it would be nice
    to know what is not working, so we can fix it for everyone.


  • Sean Adams

    Sean Adams - 2010-08-17

    Hi Jörn ,

    This was tested with the new version of the code.

    When I build the project, the script doesn't point to the correct location for the opennlp-tools-*.jar, and it doesn't include the maxent-*.jar. (The latest repo version of the maxent jar is needed.) From the bin directory, the script currently points to ../opennlp-tools-*.jar, but the jar is located at ../target/opennlp-tools-*.jar.

    It also doesn't set the classpath, which is useful.

  • Sean Adams

    Sean Adams - 2010-08-17

    And actually, I should mention that $OPENNLP_DIR/target/classes doesn't need to be part of the classpath like it is in the script, just the jar files.

  • Joern Kottmann

    Joern Kottmann - 2010-08-18

    Thanks for feedback. The newest script version 1.3 in cvs:
    does not include $OPENNLP_DIR/target/classes. Maybe we are still speaking
    about different scripts.

    Anyway the script is made to work inside the distribution.

    The distribution can be build with mvn assembly:assembly
    then there are tar and zip files in the target directory.
    If you unzip one of these the script should work inside the
    new directory.

    Would be nice if you can try this.

    Maven can help to start opennlp directly from the source
    directory without building the distribution first:
    mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="" -Dexec.args="TokenizerME en-token.bin"


  • Sean Adams

    Sean Adams - 2010-08-18

    Sorry, I was referring to the newlang tutorial script regarding $OPENNLP_DIR/target/classes, not the new script in the repository.

    I'd be happy to try building the distribution, but right there seem to be some errors with the code. I'll send you a message about it.

  • Joern Kottmann

    Joern Kottmann - 2010-09-13

    There should be no issues with the build right now.



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