pos model

  • reinhard

    reinhard - 2010-11-08


    my use case is to use the pos model for german and to change the tag dictionary,
    but this is not possible with the provided pos model.

    POSModel model = TestPosTagger.loadPOSModel("de");
    TagDictionary dict = model.getTagDictionary();

    dict is null after reading the model.
    i want to set the dictionary, but the api has not method to perform this.
    can you add a set method?


  • Joern Kottmann

    Joern Kottmann - 2010-11-08


    the tag dictionary itself is not needed for the training and can be changed after the model
    was created. The current API does not support adding the dict (like you already found out).

    All the models are immutable, so we should not add a set method, but a method
    which simply clones the model and replaces the tag dict.



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