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Release 0.3.rc2

  • Introduce new scoring system with user scriptable score calculation.
  • Some task tray gui enhancements.
  • Clicking on a resolver pool item expands a dialog to show the query history
  • Service/gui protocol is much more efficient.
  • Store settings in common .ini format on all platforms.
Posted by Mike Sharkey 2012-03-12

The Source

The source is in two parts called client and server. The terms 'client'
and 'server' refer to their relationship on localhost.

Where the 'server' part is the deamon / Windows(tm) service. The
'client' part if the Task Tray applet GUI.

The deamon part can run without the GUI no problem.

I have tested the Task Tray GUI on KDE and it works fine.

The deamon will listen on localhost:19803 for a Task Tray GUI connection.... read more

Posted by Mike Sharkey 2012-03-02

Some additional commentary on the upcoming 0.3.rc2

The service bootstraps with a list of both ICANN and OpenNIC domain
names. In the current release those names are jumbled together, and in
the next release (0.3.rc2) they will be distinguished from one another,
as well as the ability to specify any arbitrary competing DNS services.

Okay so the service has a list of domain names to test with in any case
(the file is called '" for those so inclined).... read more

Posted by Mike Sharkey 2012-03-02

Some notes on the upcoming 0.3.rc2 build...

now that a more or less stable release
candidate is out (0.3.rc1) I am focusing my attention more
on the logic behind resolver selection...making it smarter in other words.

Currently it's not terribly bright. It blindly trusts whatever IP
addresses it digs up to be able to resolve OpenNIC domains, and gives
the most weight to those with low latency time, and also immediately
shoots down an active resolver upon a single packet timeout.... read more

Posted by Mike Sharkey 2012-02-25

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