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Move to advanced automake/autoconf framework completed

Today I completed the move to KDE's automake/autoconf system, which is also suitable for non-KDE projects (like for the openNemasy server and libraries). You can now use the default process to build the openNemasy CVS. Example:

cvs co opennemasy-libs
make -f Makefile.cvs
./configure --prefix=/opt/openNemasy --with-extra-libs=/opt/openNemasy/lib --with-extra-includes=/opt/openNemasy/include
su -c "make install"... read more

Posted by Timo A. Hummel 2002-12-26

Rewrite to use the new ODBC++ Library completed

Due to heavy problems with libodbc++, I've rewritten the source to use the new ODBC++ library which is being written by an unixODBC guy. The project homepage is and works like a charm :)

Also, the first success is also here: The login mechanism works now, but looks pretty ugly. I have to rewrite it later, maybe with an external MD5 hasing algorythm, but it works so far. Passwords are read from the database and compared by converting the (plaintext) password passed to the login procedure to an md5 hash and comparing the two. ... read more

Posted by Timo A. Hummel 2002-12-15

Rewrite to the POA completed

It has been quite a long time, but I've now re-written the openNemasy base to use the POA (portable object adaptor) of the mico implementation. Works fine so far, now I'll continue writing the user management. Stay tuned or join the project as developer.

Posted by Timo A. Hummel 2002-12-15

Development has started

In order to show a pre-release with very basic features on the LWE (Linux World Expo Frankfurt 2002, see\), development has started. The basic information structures are set-up, and the library is currently being developed. If you want to take part at the project (either as frontend or backend developer), drop me a line.

Posted by Timo A. Hummel 2002-09-10