What about OpenNab vs OpenJabNab ?

  • Cyrille

    Cyrille - 2010-12-14


    I do not really understand the impact of the change from HTTP (web) to XMPP (Jabber) protocol : what are the rabbits who speaks HTTP and what are those speaks XMPP ?

    I've just buy a NabazTag/tag (december 2010) and I would like to know if I've to look at OpenNab or OpenJabNab ?

    Thanks a lot,

  • Olivier Azeau

    Olivier Azeau - 2010-12-14

    Short answer : you can have a look at both

    Long answer : All the Nabaztag/tag are compatible with both environments. The difference lies in the bytecode that the bunny downloads at boot time. So the choice is really about what you want to do with OpenNab or OpenJabNab.
    I don't know where OpenJabNab is right now. For opennab, you can have a look at http://opennab.sourceforge.net/


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