openmsx missing?

  • Mirko

    Mirko - 2013-01-05

    Hi everyone,
    I have seen on the manual that, in order to laod a rom, the command is openmsx…but it seems to be missing.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Manuel Bilderbeek

    The command openmsx is done in a terminal. If you are talking about the console, there are other commands "cart" for instance. Please read the manual carefully :)

  • Maarten ter Huurne

    To be clear about the terminology: "terminal" is the command prompt of your operating system (cmd.exe for Windows, Terminal application for OS X, xterm etc for Linux/BSD) while "console" is the OSD console inside openMSX (opened using F10 or Cmd-L).

    On which of the two are you entering the command? What is the exact string you entered? And what was the error message you received?

  • Mirko

    Mirko - 2013-01-06

    Thank you for your prompt reply..
    that is correct: I was working with the console, while I just found this executable in the app folder (using the terminal).
    By the way, I'm using OSX…

    Now it works, even if I don't understand how to put the game in full screen mode, and even how to interact with the game in the proper way (key to start the game?)…
    But it is just a matter of reading carefully the manual…

    Thank you again, it is good to see there is a living community behind this project :)

  • Mirko

    Mirko - 2013-01-07

    Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

    I found how to make full-screen and commands to work :) Thank you…

    I am playing with settings for performances…actually, performances are very nice, but the CPU has a heavy usage…I can see the temperature a little bit too high (but maybe it is normal…it is more than 80 degree on a mac air).

    Just a curiosity…is there a comprehensive guide on tuning? There are some advices on the user manual (mostly in the video setting section), but (to my knowledge) it seems there is no such a tuning guide on the web site…

    Thank you again :)

  • Manuel Bilderbeek

    Probably for you the best thing to try first is this command: set renderer SDLGL-PP
    This enables the video card for video post processing using OpenGL 2. Other performance tuning tips are in the manual:

    Are you able to play Metal Gear 2 now?

  • Mirko

    Mirko - 2013-01-07

    Yes, I can, and everything seems ok :)

    thank you for your support…

  • Manuel Bilderbeek

    OK, is (CPU) performance better with SDLGL-PP?

  • Mirko

    Mirko - 2013-01-07

    Yes, CPU usage is lower, and temperature too…
    the game plays without any delay.

    Even so, I did not played so much, also because I am trying to change the fake joystick button, from SPACE and M to Z and X.
    I tried with "set keyjoystick1.triga Z", and also with the bind command 'bind "joy1 button1 down" Z', but none of them seems to work…

  • Manuel Bilderbeek

    Great to hear that!

    That first command should do it. But you will have to have the fake joystick plugged in the joystick port, of course.

    plug joyporta keyjoystick1

    If you want more interactive support, join us on IRC, #openMSX on