• Nobody/Anonymous

    I have the emulator for MAC and i got the ROM Metal GEar 2 for msx2// BUT// i dun know the keys to play the game... i only know tha M is punch and SPACE is enter... how do i key map the control of the GAME (not emulator) ??

    I wanna make
    m =punch
    n = crouch
    b = radio

    things like that...

    can someone help me??

    • Manuel Bilderbeek

      Try the function keys to play normally.

      IT is possible to remap those function keys to other keys, but it's a bit complicated... YOu will need the bind command and the keymatrixup/keymatrixdown commands. If you really want that, let me know.

      But as I said: using F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 should work perfectly.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yeah.. it works fine.. BUT... there is no keymap for CROUCH button!!

      thats why i wanna make a key for the crouch button!!

      i am familiar with commands... i just dun know the name of the keymaps

      how do i know the name for button PUNCH for rxample?? i know that is "M", but i dun know the command name for that button

      is M button1 "keymatrix button1" ??

      if u could tell me how to know the names of the keymaps i can do it!!

      Or just try to explain to me.. plzz :)

      • Manuel Bilderbeek

        As on a real MSX, you can crouch by pressing SPACE and M at the same time.

        The keymatrix stuff is quite complex. I think you know enough to play the game now, right?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hey man.. it works.. u saved my life LOL

      thx a lot dude!!! ^^


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