#5 2.4.21-1 and Variable HZ

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----Pasted from the mailing list--------

Hi guys. This is my first post to the mailing list so
I will try not to
make myself a complete fool like I tend to do in the
IRC channel
Ok, first of all i have a full kernel patch for oM
2.4.21-1 + Robert
Love's (rml) Variable HZ timing patch. I do not have
the file for
download yet because I just do not have the bandwidth
to host a 287KB
file (bz2) and a 14 player game server(someone working
for roadrunner
care to upgrade my bin file?? ). But I am looking
for some testers
that are comfortable rolling their own kernels. Anyone
can test the
patch but i just wanted to be certain cuz it works like
a charm on my
system (well duh right?). Well, if a few of you are
interested please try this patch out.
Ok, now for those who do not know what Variable HZ is.
Well for
starters HZ is the internal timing mechanism for the
kernel. What This
patch does is it allows the user to specify a custom HZ
setting under
'General Options' in the section. This in turn will
allow the kernel to
process at a different clock rate. By default this is
100 and is the
most compatible. In the 2.6 kernels this is 1000.
This patch emulates
2.6 style HZ timing. I am currently running it on my
game server and
have noticed a slight improvment in the FPS that the
engine can turn
out. 1000 produced too much overhead and would "lag
out" when the CPU
got too intense. But this is MY system and not yours
so experiment with
it. As of right now 500 is noticably different but not
as much of a
performance increase as 1000.

Why would you use this patch? Mainly due to the fact
that openMosix is
a load balancing system mainly used for number
crunching. This patch
will help in the kernels processing time of such
intrustions increasing
overall performance. If you have workstations that
double as nodes
(like myself) this really increases X performance.

-Kevin (CrackerJackMack on IRC)


  • Kevin Landreth

    Kevin Landreth - 2003-07-27

    Logged In: YES

    Bah, the full patch was too large to upload. Including a
    partial. Patch your Kernel with oM-2.4.21-1 then apply this

  • Kevin Landreth

    Kevin Landreth - 2003-07-29

    Logged In: YES

    Bah, bugs!!! Using this patch will mess with your oM speed
    algorithm. use /etc/openmosix/openmosix.conf to set your
    speed before rebooting into the new kernel.


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