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openMosix / News: Recent posts

openMosix Project Ends

Tel Aviv (March 1, 2008) - openMosix Project Officially Ends

Moshe Bar, openMosix founder and project leader, has confirmed the previously announced plans to end the openMosix Project effective March 1, 2008.

The openMosix Project officially ends after six very successful years and tens of thousands of installations. Many other projects have incorporated openMosix into their own products and openMosix has been used in computing curriculum, laboratories, and research.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2008-02-29

The Future of openMosix, BOF at OSCON 2007

Wes Wagner has organized an
Off-site Dinner/Birds of a Feather
OSCON 2007, Open Source Convention

The Future of openMosix
5:30pm Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
Burgerville, Portland Oregon
1135 Ne M L King Blvd, Portland, OR
(right near the convention center)
Please RSVP to wes.wagner @t so I save enough chairs - it will be

Posted by Bruce Knox 2007-07-21

openMosix Project End of Life Announcement

Tel Aviv (July 15, 2007) - openMosix Project Ending

Moshe Bar, openMosix founder and project leader, has announced plans to end the openMosix Project effective March 1, 2008.

The increasing power and availability of low cost multi-core processors is rapidly making single-system image (SSI) Clustering less of a factor in computing. The direction of computing is clear and key developers are moving into newer virtualization approaches and other projects.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2007-07-15

Florian Delizy Joins openMosix Team

Announcement - openMosix Project Changes

Tel Aviv (December 3, 2006) - Florian Delizy has been appointed as the new maintainer of the 2.6 openMosix tree.

Moshe Bar, openMosix founder and project leader, has announced the appointment of Florian Delizy as the new maintainer of the 2.6 openMosix tree in anticipation of the openMosix 2.6 release.

Kris Buytaert continues as the openMosix release manager. To volunteer for the openMosix Developer team, contact Moshe Bar.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2006-12-03

David Santo Orcero Returns to User Tools Development

David Santo Orcero Returns to openMosix User Tools Development

As one of the earliest openMosix developers, David was instrumental in bringing a working set of GPL user-land tools to openMosix. David has rejoined openMosix to port the pre-2.6 user-land utilities to openMosix 2.6.

The port of openMosix to Linux 2.6 is a rewrite of openMosix that requires extensive changes to the user space tools. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2006-03-16

openMosix - Moving Forward

Moshe shares the current state of the openMosix Project and a revised Project Roadmap:

Posted by Bruce Knox 2005-12-01

SC05 in Seattle

openMosix Scatter/Gather session for 4:05 this afternoon (Thursday, November 17th). It's openMosix at the open mic. 6th floor. If you're here meet Paul Gray and discuss openMosix and BCCD.

Posted by Bruce Knox 2005-11-17

openMosix at Libre Software Meeting in Dijon

Moshe Bar will present openMosix July 7, 2005 at the Libre Software Meeting in Dijon.

LSM will take place from July 5th to July, 9th in Dijon, in the East of France. LSM is the largest meeting totally dedicated to free software in the world. Over 1000 people from more than 50 countries on 5 continents came to the previous editions, in 2003 and 2004.

More information can be found at

Posted by Bruce Knox 2005-07-05

Wired CHAOS News

An openMosix, CHAOS, Quantian, ClusterKnoppix news article by Alison Strahan:,1377,67220,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_4

Posted by Bruce Knox 2005-04-15

openMosix 2.6 and AMD Opteron Port Released

Cupertino (April 14, 2005) - The openMosix Project has announced the release of openMosix version 2.6. Moshe Bar, openMosix founder and project leader, has announced the port of openMosix to Linux 2.6. This rewrite of openMosix includes the first port of openMosix to the AMD Opteron.

openMosix 2.6 for Opteron was first installed at the University of Pisa.

openMosix 2.6 moves much of the patchs code from the kernel to user space. This brings a very significant improvement which provides improved performance, makes user land tools easier to implement, and most significantly, simplifies porting to new kernel versions including AMD Opteron, Intel EM64T, and PowerPPC.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2005-04-14

openMosix News from Down Under

CHAOS goes Hacking: After a long hiatus, Ian Latter, Wim Vandersmissen, and Dirk Eddelbuettel are once again collaborating to match their respective openMosix based products so that all three will seamlessly work together.

What has changed? Ian has found a sponsor for CHAOS in his new employer, Pure Hacking Pty Ltd. This is another great GPL Software story where a company and its clients benefit from free GPL'd software and also return enhancements of the products to the community. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2005-04-08

openMosix 3rd Anniversary and Summit 2005

Cupertino (February 10, 2005)

openMosix Project is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with Summit 2005 in Brussels February 26 - 27th. The openMosix Summit is held concurrently with FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers conference.

Moshe Bar, openMosix founder and project leader, will present the keynote State of openMosix. openMosix Project Developers will discuss the soon to be released rewrite of openMosix.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2005-02-10

openMosix 2.4.26-1 Released

This is the port to Linux kernel 2.4.26. oMFS has been removed as of this release.

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-12-13

openMosix html-manpages

Moreno Baricevic has posted html-manpages for openMosix. Available from the project website:

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-10-01

openMosix 2.4.24-2 Released

Changes include:
Bug fix for 2.4.24-1 Release.

RPMs by Kris Buytaert
Downloads available from

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-09-08

openMosix Summit 2005 Announced

The 2nd openMosix Community Summit will be held at FOSDEM 2005 the weekend of February 26-27th in Brussels.

FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting) is a free and non commercial event organized for and by the developer and user community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers and their user communities a place to:

* meet with other developers and projects
* be informed about the latest developments in the Free and Open Source world
* attend interesting talks and presentations held project leaders and developers
* promote the development and the benefits of Free and Open Source solutions.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-09-03

openMosix Userspace Tools 0.3.6-2 Released

This release is a bugfix release to fix a compatibility issue with mosmon and the 2.4.24 kernel. The RPMs are compiled against the 2.4.24-om1 kernel, but will work with the 2.4.24-om2 when it comes out. Please let me know at (aaron at if you encounter any problems. Thanks! Aaron Peterson
Changes: Changelog v 0.3.6-2 - July 8, 2004 * fixed mosmon compatibility with 2.4.24 (Moreno Baricevic)

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-07-29

openMosix and coLinux Working Together in Early Experiments

openMosix and coLinux have been made to work together by developers of the openMosix and coLinux OpenSource projects.
coLinux is a new, exciting technology to allow Linux to run natively (without the cost of emulation) under Windows 2000/XP.

Screenshot by Wim Vandersmissen:
shows openMosix (Ian Latter's CHAOS) running in a coLinux window on a Windows XP PC connecting to CHAOS running on VMware on a Linux PC.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-07-13

openMosix 2.4.24-1 and Userspace Tools 0.3.6 Released

This is the port to Linux 2.4.24. RPMs for openMosix kernel 2.4.24-1 and Userspace Tools 0.3.6 are now officially available!
This includes enhancements and bug fixes, plus an updated mosmon (version 2.0).

openMosix kernel patch ChangeLog:

* Loadbalancer accounting bug (Moshe)
* Userland Cosmetics (Moshe)
* Integer overflow fix in ip*_setsockopt() (Moreno)
* Patch for ptrace (Cordes)
* VMA counting patch (Tab)
* Node counting patch (Jason)
* bigmem memory counting patch (John)
* Correct FPU handling patch (Jason)
* Loadlimit patch (Cristiano)... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-07-02

openMosix Roadmap and Plan

The updated project development plan is now available:

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-06-09

Topspin Collaborates with openMosix for Opteron(tm) Port

Cupertino (April 6, 2004) Topspin Collaborates with openMosix to Deliver High Performance Open Source Clustering Solution for Opteron(tm).

The openMosix Project, today announced that Topspin Communications, the leader in InfiniBand, will spearhead a collaboration to port openMosix to the AMD Opteron(tm) platform. This collaboration will seek to significantly expand already impressive openMosix-Topspin high performance computing (HPC) capabilities currently supported on Intel 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-04-07

openMosix 2.4.22-3 Released

Changes include:
A fix for correct memory calculation Please note that you'll need up to date openMosix-tools release preferably compiled against this openMosix version.
Other Changes: * patch for correct memory calculation (Goncalo Abecasis). * add inode to open and close remote request, and fix some issue accessing ext3 on remote. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-03-24

Aaron Peterson becomes openMosix Userland Tools Maintainer

Aaron Peterson has become the new openMosix userland tools maintainer. He will also assist with testing and SysAdmin duties. Welcome on board Aaron!

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-03-20

Japanese openMosix HOWTO

Satoru Takahashi has released his Japanese translation of the openMosix HOWTO. Links are available from the openMosix Community page:

Many thanks Satoru!

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-03-02

Russian openMosix Mirror and openMosix-HOWTO

The official Russian openMosix Mirror and openMosix-HOWTO are now available thanks to Dmitry Katsubo and Yuri Prushinsky.

Links are also available from

Many thanks Dmitry and Yuri!

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-02-20