The openmosix 2.6 project is getting new steam. There have been 2 $100 pledges to distribute to the coder(s) (right now it is really just Florian for the real kernel work) when the successful alpha comes out. Other items that could help the project is amd64 and i386 test equipment, (procs and mbs), for Florian to use in testing. If you have some beat up old equipment that works but you don't need and live in Europe so you can ship it cheap, please consider donating it to the project.

By the end of the weekend we should have everything together enough that we can start accepting work from other developers. We have been working on the infrastructure needed to support collaboration without anyone stepping on each other's toes.

We are also looking to rename the product/project - so name suggestions are welcome. I have already had some good ideas proposed but we can use some more. Moshe suggested rebranding and Florian and I agree entirely that a new name will convey that 2.6 is different than the project objectives of 2.4, and has been significantly rethought in light of the changes in market needs and hardware architectures.

Wes Wagner