On Aug 24, 2007, at 9:09 AM, Tony Travis wrote:

g4sra wrote:
I have bit my tongue long enough. openMosix never did have, does not, 
(and as far as I can predict the future) ever will, have anything to do 
with Virtualization (even though that may have been the original 

Hmm... [donning my best flame-proof underpants] I thought openMosix was 
actually the inverse of 'virtualisation'?

I was going to say that, too.  Virtualization usually means making one machine look like a bunch of smaller machines, so you can run multiple operating systems or isolate different applications from each other.  OpenMosix tries to make a bunch of small machines look like one big one.  It certainly doesn't provide isolation; one rogue program can (and sometimes does) bring down the whole cluster.

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