#11 supporting user group priveleges.


Would it be possible to create a feature that said that
a node was 'owned' by a group of users. This node could
then be shared with the 'world', BUT priority would be
given to the 'owner' group. i.e. should one of the
'owners' launch a process to the mosix cluster any
'world' process would be migrated away from that node
to give the 'owner' the full power of the cluster.

Example group A owns 15 nodes, group B owns 5 nodes,
and group C doesn't own any nodes.

Assuming the cluster is empty.
A user in group C could launch 5 processes, which
happily migrate across the nodes of Group A. A user in
group A then launches 12 processes forcing 2 of the
original processes to migrate to group B nodes, or
double up. A group B user could then launch 6
processes, 5 of which would fully occupy the 5 group B
nodes, and 1 which would share the 3 nodes 'free' in
group A's cluster with the group C processes.

Although this seems an odd idea, it would allow for the
nodes of each group's cluster to be shared, but also
protect the use of each node for the use of the owning
group. This gives each participating group a minimum
number of nodes equal to their own cluster, and a
possible maximum of all the nodes in the joint cluster.
i.e. on 'paper' it would be an advantage to 'join' one
set of nodes to another should two groups in a company
/ organisation have such partitioned resources.

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2nd bit:


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