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New contributed character

Hi guys. OpenMortal development has come to a pause recently. But the good news is, that there's a new contributed character. Read more about him at

He will be released with openmortal 0.8.

Posted by UPi 2004-09-05

Contour for OpenMortal available!

Contour for OpenMortal is now available for Linux and Windows. If you plan to create your own characters, you can now use the same tool that the original characters were made with!

Inquire at the Open Discussion forum or the openmortal-discuss mailing list for details.

Posted by UPi 2004-05-02

OpenMortal European Union edition

OpenMortal 0.7 was released on the day thay Hungary, along with 9 other countries joined the EU. This also marks the first release when the linux, windows and mac binaries are available on the day of the release.

I want to thank the release team, KAMI and SeGabor for their work.

Posted by UPi 2004-05-01

Mortl Szombat magyarul

A Mortl Szombat weboldalai immron magyarul is olvashatak!

(to non-Hungarians: The openmortal website is now available in Hungarian)

Posted by UPi 2004-01-18

OpenMortal version 0.4 released.

Hurry! Get it before I post it on! :)

Packagers: If you wish to package openmortal for a distro/OS, please let me know so I can contact you when there are updates.

Currently only the linux sources are available. Please get the full package, or the "base" package. The "additional" and "thirdparty" packages can be installed with the base package to give you some more playable characters.... read more

Posted by UPi 2004-01-06

Now on MacOS X!

Markus W. Weissmann has managed to port OpenMortal to the absolutely lickable MacOS X. Please note that in order to install and run DarwinPorts on Mac OS X, you must have either the Mac OS X Developer Tools (for 10.2.x), or XCode (for 10.3.x) installed.

For details, see:

If anyone can submit a binary MacOS X version, please let us know!

Posted by UPi 2003-11-25

You can now vote for OpenMortal characters!

It is now possible to vote for your favorite OpenMortal character! Go to and cast your vote to your favorite characters. This is a preliminary step towards the "downloadable character" feature, which will be available in OpenMortal 0.4.

The most popular characters will be in the "base" release, the rest will be available for download separately.

Posted by UPi 2003-10-24

New package from the Penguin Liberation Front

As the second binary dictribution, the Penguin Liberation Front for Mandrake Linux has packaged OpenMortal. You can get it from your closest mirror. If you are in Hungary, the closest mirror is here:

Posted by UPi 2003-10-15

OpenMortal has new characters!

I am pleased to announce that 6 (!) third-party characters were submitted to OpenMortal since the Character Creation HOWTO and the Character Upload
facilities have appeared. This means that number of playable characters has leaped from 9 to 15. This means that we have surpassed the number of characters in Mortal Kombat 2 (it had 12 characters), and equal the number if Mortal Kombat 3 (15 characters).... read more

Posted by UPi 2003-10-14

Character Creation-HOWTO

A new document has been added to the website. It contains detailed, step-by-step instructions for those who wish to create their own OpenMortal character!

Read it at

Posted by UPi 2003-09-28

The happy penguin plays OpenMortal

OpenMortal has recently been added to the Linux Game Tome, one of the greatest online compendiums for linux gamers. There are even a few kind comments added... oh I feel loved!

See our entry and rate us at:

Posted by UPi 2003-09-26

OpenMortal in the magic book

Thanks to Cromwell, OpenMortal is now available to users of Sorcerer Linux. Sorcerer is known for its pioneering in source-based distribution, and it's peculiar AD&D-ish administration interface.

To see OpenMortal's entry in the Sorcerer's Game Grimoire, browse to

Posted by UPi 2003-09-25

OpenMortal in a Hungarian news site!

There is a short article about our beloved project on! To read the article, browse to:

Posted by UPi 2003-09-23

First time in CD-ROM distribution: UHU Linux

A Hungarian linux distribution, UHU linux is including a binary package of OpenMortal in UHU linux version 1.1! This is going to be the first time our software is delivered directly to linux users. I can't wait until the day when we are on Mandrake Linux CD1, rated as "must have" ;)

For more information on UHU, as well as download of the binary UHU package, see

Posted by UPi 2003-09-22

OpenMortal mailing list started!

A mailing list for those interested in OpenMortal has started. It is for those who are interested in latest news, discussions about features and characters, etc. The OpenMortal actors are also in the list ;)

Posted by UPi 2003-09-21

OpenMortal now on gentoo linux

Thanks to Freyr Gunnar lafsson and Mike Frysinger, OpenMortal is now in the popular gentoo linux distro! YESS!

Posted by UPi 2003-09-19

OpenMortal on Spanish news site

Seems like we are popular enough to be on the news! A slashdot-enabled website, has ran an article about OpenMortal. There is even a discussion with 20+ comments! Go to the article:

Posted by UPi 2003-09-18

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