• david_chanr

    david_chanr - 2006-03-29


    Seem this project is not active for a while, I want to know where can I get the MortalEditor to work on our own character.. or can someone explain the how to create xxx.dat.txt from xxx.dat

    Many thanks

    • UPi

      UPi - 2006-04-05

      Actually I can.

      There's a script, cunningly names "", which converts the animated gif files into .dat and .dat.txt.

      MortalEditor takes over from that point, and allows me to mark relevant areas (actually it guesses enough to make my job easier).


      • david_chanr

        david_chanr - 2006-04-06

        Hi upi,

        thanks for your reply,

        but where "", 

        since I can't this from CVS or I have some error on this.

        David Chan

        • UPi

          UPi - 2006-04-07

          I haven't yet posted because there was no need. You can have it, if you like, but be warned: it's not production code, just a personal something that I hacked together. I can't support it.

          I'm curious.. What kind of character are you planning to make?

          • david_chanr

            david_chanr - 2006-04-07

            Hi UPI,

            That is great, if I can have it. I understand your concern if a bug happen

            Some Cartoon flighter (my ideal)

            David Chan

    • Kami

      Kami - 2006-04-18

      Could you send me the tools to create new characters?


    • UPi

      UPi - 2006-04-19

      MortalEditor has been added to the CVS. It is a QT-based project, so you need qmake, uic, moc and the other QT stuff.

  • Alois

    Alois - 2015-03-08

    Hey is there still a possibility to get the MortalEditor? I would like to create my own characters for that game. Unfortunately there is no editor in the source package.


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