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I have the Web Portal up and running. Please visit us by clicking on the 'Home Page' link. It is our intention that in the future, Open Gaming will take place here also.

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-30

BBS and Sourceforge Forums

I have recently migrated everything from the BBS here to this Forum on SourceForge. My thinking is this, rather than dedicate our server to a BBS, I think it might serve us better as a website/webportal for the game (down the road of course). I have been eveluating phpNuke and I think it would be perfect for this purpose.

The other concern I had is that people where coming out here and checking these forums and wondering what the h@ll is going on :)... read more

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-26

Project Status Update July 2002


Declan has submitted some sample code which now resides out there on SourceForge ( There is also a more detailed description with regard to his release on the BBS here (;action=display;num=1027013271).

We are looking now for someone to begin conceptualizing a basic networking engine and graphics engine. At this point pseudo code or sample code is just fine, any help is welcome and appreciated. For the graphics we will be using Crystal Space, so if you are interested in working on that go here and check it out ( read more

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-20


I got a BBS up and running for us to use. It might be nicers than the standard SF boards because we have unlimited space and complete freedom to do whatever we want with it. The URL is here, go on out and register so we can start talking.

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-17

Regarding the Possibility of a Merge with Planeshift (???)

Here is the response I got from Luca Pancallo, the project director of Planeshift. Seems like a very nice guy with some of the same ideas as us (i.e. 3D MMORPG). I would never commit to anything without approval from you all, so think on it and let us know. Luca suggested an IRC chat with us (see below) .... thnx CY

and thanks for your interest in our project. From your e-mail I see that you share the same objective as we do: a free 3d mmorpg. But we are not a standard OS project and it's important that you consider this differences before joining.... read more

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-12

Some Work (Please Read)

Being as we are still so far away from any actual coding I have taken the initiative to find us some work on one of the other 'Open' MMORPGs currently in the mix. Initially I am going to talk to the Planeshift guys and see about getting us in there. Here is a copy of the email I sent this morning. I hope none of you guys are offended by this, but I want to make sure those of you who are eager to jump in and help out on something are not disappointed in your experience with OpenSource collaboration.... read more

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-11

Mailing List

I have created a mailing list for this project, see It's easy to use, while you are there be sure to subscribe if you are interested.

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-08

New Project Forums

Hi all,

I created some project forums tonight. Please jump in and start posting if you like. Let me know if you are unable to do this so I can tweak your user permissions if need be.

Still not having much luck finding project managers for the various legs of the project. No biggie ! - We have all the time we need :)

I am also trying to obtain the written docs from Wizards of the Coast on thier d20 system. If any of you have ever played Dungeons and Dragons, you know exactly what this is (d20/20 sided Die, etc..). Soon as I get my hands on it, I'll make it available and we can start to ponder how we might implement it.... read more

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-07

Looking for some project managers for Open MMORPG

I recently posted 3 project manager requests for the various legs of the mmorpg architecture (as I see it now), these are Graphics Engine, Networking Engine and Game Engine. I have not gotten any responses yet, but I only posted yesterday so I will give it a few more days and I'll keep you posted.

If anybody currently involved with the project is unhappy with their roll, or would like to have additional functionality and user permission's - just email me and we'll get you set up. ... read more

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-07-03

Using the Aurora Toolset

I recently sent an Email to BioWare enquiring about the restrictions (if any) which might apply to using thier Never Winter Nights 'Aurora Toolset' on the project. It was recently brought up in COMP.GAMES.DEVELOPMENT.DESIGN by Hector Gonzalez that we might be able to use the framework by developing our own set of Open Source tiles .... I'll find out soon and let you know.

Here is what I wrote the the folks at BioWare ....... read more

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-06-29

Viability of Products like (Nevrax) NeL

I have been looking at this offering (NeL) and it looks really great. We may wish to use this for the OpenMMORPG project. Further review and analysis should be done to see if this meets our needs in a gaming engine. Why reinvent the wheel ?

For Nevrax (NeL) FAQ see >

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-06-27

Open MMORPG - Sub Projects

I have added 3 subprojects and there will also be many project branching out underneath the initial 3. These new subprojects are 'Graphics Engine', 'Networking Engine' and 'Game Engine'.

Posted by Charles E Yellig 2002-06-27

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