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Openmiracle in 3 Tier Architecture

Traditional wisdom says that 3-tier architectures are "Good". After some digging around, I find out that Separation of the user interface from business logic and database access has many advantages...
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1. Reusability of the business logic component results in quick development. Let's say we have a module that handles adding, updating, deleting and finding customers in the system. As this component is developed and tested, we can use it in any other project that might involve maintaining customers.
2. Transformation of the system is easy. Since the business logic is separate from the data access layer, changing the data access layer won’t affect the business logic module much. Let's say if we are moving from SQL Server data storage to Oracle there shouldn’t be any changes required in the business layer component and in the GUI component.
3. Change management of the system is easy. Let's say if there is a minor change in the business logic, we don’t have to install the entire system in individual user’s PCs. E.g. if GST (TAX) is changed from 10% to 15% we only need to update the business logic component without affecting the users and without any downtime.
4. Having separate functionality servers allows for parallel development of individual tiers by application specialists.
5. Provides more flexible resource allocation. Can reduce the network traffic by having the functionality servers strip data to the precise structure needed before sending it to the clients.
Creating a 3-tier architecture is relatively straightforward, but getting it right involves a good deal of effort.
“Kudoos... to the Openmiracle developers for such a effort they taken...”... read more

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OpenMiracle at CeBIT Exhibition Germany!!!

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CYBROSYS is presenting OpenMiracle, Its sister concern Company with accounting software.
OpenmMiracle is excited to have a major presence at Cebit 2014 on March 10th - 14th, the worlds' most international ICT industry trade fair.
OpenMiracle is participating for the first time at the ICT fair Cebit (Hall 6, Stand H43),in Germany
We cordially invite you to join us at Hall 6, Stand H43, to review our product OPENMIRACLE and to experience the miracle Openmiracle applied to the industries in Business ; to witness exciting products and solutions, and provide opportunities for face-to-face meetings with our senior experts on ICT.
We want to hear your ideas and needs, discuss how to accelerate your enterprise business' innovations in this age of big data, and contribute to connecting your business in a better way.
We appreciate your continued support for Openmiracle and look forward to meeting

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Wanna make Sales Easily!!!

Heyy….You wanna make easy sales at your Counter..??Here is the solution…”OpenMiracle”…You can makes your counter sales in a click…Its easy at your finger tip..POS is an advanced feature of OpenMiracle. You can make sales as easy through POS.. Also it has the feature Barcode Reading.So guyzz now your vexed work becomes easy…

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Frequently Asked Questions About OpenMiracle

Q. What's OpenMiracle

Openmiracle is an opensource accounting ERP released under GPL. It includes all accounting, inventory, payroll features as that of any traditional, expensive, and proprietary software available. Its suitable for Micro, Small and Medium business.

Q. What is the name OpenMiracle means?

OPEN Free and Open source
M Manage
I Inventory
R Revenue
A Assets
C Capital
L Liability
E Expense... read more

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Open source accounting software free

Open source accounting software free....!
Its possible..? yeah sure the openMiracle is doing this miracle, Its a complete accounting package that target on middle level market in the field of accounting, normally there is lots of accounting packages are available in the market even though all of them is high cost and lack of support, in this case the middile level market is very huge problem is going to face, so here the OpenMiracle is going to launch with the source code. the main advantage if this the user can download the source code and they can make their own changes in the software .
The customer can do the changes as their wish, there is no problem to update like user needs, and the next one advantage is completely open source, here i ll tell you some of the advantages of open source... read more

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Accounting package-Transaction

Openmiracle is a open source accounting package. That means it is available at free of cost. Anyone can use it any time. It is very easy to learn, understand and use when compared to other accounting packages. Different modules are included in this package. I’m discussing here one of the important module like transaction.


In order to begin with the accounting cycle,first it is necessary to understand what actually your business transactions are?
Transaction part is the one that majorly effects the financial condition of your business.Transaction is an agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment. ... read more

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Its the time to change..the very time to break the conventional..

"OpenMiracle" is a free and open source accounting software suitable to track accounts, Inventory and Payroll of all kinds of Micro, Macro, Small and medium size business. In short, OpenMiracle is a complete solution for all your business needs. Its very easy to use yet powerful and flexible based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. And the greatest thing is that OpenMiracle is free of cost for the lifetime..!!! ... read more

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