Planned addition: New Anon Bank accounts

  • Angelo Schneider


    we are considering to have anon accounts from which only the owner/creator can withdraw money, but everyone knowing the account/passwd could deposite money.



    • Mitch Harder

      Mitch Harder - 2001-06-04

      The first consideration that comes to mind is that anonymous accounts don't belong to anybody right now.

      But that's just an extra field, and alittle bit more code.

    • Bruno Boettcher

      Bruno Boettcher - 2001-06-08

      yup, all accounts should have an owner, and access rights should be modulable here as well
      that way it could be made possible to make the alliance account deposit only except a range of alliance members

    • Danny Froberg

      Danny Froberg - 2001-06-10

      OK first attempt of special anon accounts implemented, i'd like to have some comments on them.

    • Tom Haegeman

      Tom Haegeman - 2001-07-01

      Seems to be ok since noone's yelling :)


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