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new openLCA 1.2.5 version

A new openLCA version has been posted for download. Changes to the previous version:
- we completely changed the mathematical parameter calculation engine, the previous one had issues with some mathematical expressions with brackets
- some fixes in the ILCD file import
- the ICLD external database link has been extended and improved.
Comments welcome!

Posted by aci_ 2012-01-28

"Win32" installer works also in 64 bit

A quick remark to avoid confusions, the 1.2.1 installer that we released for Win32 environments works also in Windows 64 bit - but it is at present compiled as a 32 bit application. A true 64 bit application is under way.

Posted by aci_ 2011-02-14

Format converter v 2.0 released

We just released the new version of the openLCA format converter, as a stand-alone application. It converts the following LCA data formats from one format into the other: ILCD, EcoSpold01, and EcoSpold02. The EcoSpold01 to EcoSpold02 "direction" is implemented only rudimentary so far, as it is covered by ecoinvent's ecoeditor. The format converter contains also a mapping of elementary flows between the ILCD and the ecoinvent database. Comments are welcome! We hope this is of use to you. For questions, please visit our newly implemented forum at See also the "howto" pdf uploaded here. Thanks!

Posted by aci_ 2010-06-04

Windows binary now works for Win7

The Windows binary of openLCA now works also in Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit. As we did not change anything else but only updated the embedded MySQL server, the version number did not change. You find this release in the 1.1.1 folder just as the previous one; it is called

Posted by aci_ 2010-01-15

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