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OpenLC enters Beta (0.6 is out)!

I've released the first beta of OpenLC.
It's version 0.6. It has several
improvements over version 0.5: run database
redesigned (now using a mix of XML, NetCDF
and HDF5), speed increase, IMAP4 support,
better and more configurable statistics,
and last but not least much improved

Posted by Francesc Altet 2002-06-24

OpenLC 0.5 is out

Two moths after first public release (v0.3)
arrives the 0.5. Version 0.4 was internal and will
never be released. v0.4 wasn't in time for many
reasons, but the most important one was a memory
leak detected on the ZODB database OpenLC used to
keep all the data. After two weeks browsing at the
ZODB lists (where more people reported similar
problems) and doing some debugging, I've decided
to use the very well tested Berkeley DB (from
SleepyCat) instead. Now, OpenLC runs much better,
with no perceptible memory leaks (at least, on my
rather small tests!). The drawback is that I've
added 2 new packages (yes, even more
dependencies!) to OpenLC in order to support this
new file formats. Sorry for the (hopefully small)
inconvenience!.... read more

Posted by Francesc Altet 2001-12-20

OpenLC 0.3 relased!

OpenLC is a set of software tools designed to facilitate benchmarking and stress testing of a wide variety of information servers (such as web, email, FTP, LDAP, databases, and so on). The package is built around a microkernel that contains basic routines for benchmarking tasks, such as accessing intermediate results in real-time ("spying" on run data), setting up simulated clients, defining scenarios, handling database calls, comparing results of different runs, summarizing data, etc.... read more

Posted by Francesc Altet 2001-10-30

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