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OpenKiosk multi-platform kiosk framework / News: Recent posts

Shaping up openkiosk 3.0

All active development has been happening behind the scenes mostly on CVS. If you are interested in keeping track of recent changes, please update your local copy of the source via CVS.

I'm pleased to announce that most of the code that comprises the modular OpenKiosk 3.0 is starting to take shape. The OpenKiosk Management Console, the GUI management tool (formerly nodeview) that remotely manages the CoreOpenkiosk server is quite stable enough to be usable. The same level of stability can also be said of the CoreOpenkiosk server itself.... read more

Posted by Abdiel Janulgue 2008-04-30

new alpha release with heavy fixes


I've just released a new version of Openkiosk that
fixes glaring problems that remained unsolved for
months if not years! :) Sorry for the delay folks and the time spent on waiting!

Basically this release, splits up openkiosk into a
number of subsystems in order to improve flexibility and to accomodate a number of important improvements which should allow one to make use of authentication plugins for example. ... read more

Posted by Abdiel Janulgue 2007-12-17

NodeView Italian Released

Is the localized version of NodeView in Italian (thanks to Fausto Napolitano for that). You can submit your own .ts files so that a localized version of Openkiosk in your own language can be added to the sourceforge release page.

Posted by Abdiel Janulgue 2007-08-02

NodeView for Windows Update


This update is a long overdue maintenance release that does not contain any new features.
However, it includes much needed fixes over the previous version of the NodeView Windows

Perfomance/optimization improvements:

- Updated Qt library for Windows. Based on Qt
4.1.1 which offers significant performance
enhancements compared to the previous version
of Qt 4 for Windows.
- Recompiled Qt 4.1.1 using MS Visual Studio
2005 Professional instead of MingW. This
was made possible by modifying the qmake
source to allow creation of VC++ makefiles!
I'm not satisfied with the speed of MingW!
- The application itself is built using VC++
2005.... read more

Posted by Abdiel Janulgue 2006-04-26

NodeView for Windows Released

The OpenKiosk 2.0 NodeView port for Windows has been finished today. It is built using the recently released Qt4 for Windows - Open Source edition by Trolltech. Lots of folks have been requesting this release for past months and finally its here! Previously, porting NodeView to Windows was next to impossible because a GPLd version of Qt for Windows did not exist yet.

Please take note that this release is still based on NodeView 2.0.2 Qt3 code. It does not yet take full advantage of the powerful features found in Qt4. ... read more

Posted by Abdiel Janulgue 2005-07-31

Fix for KDE 3.4 releasesd

Version 2.0.4 for the client is the revamped version of the OpenKiosk client for KDE. It was developed and tested on KDE 3.4 + recent gcc compilers. You should get the latest KDE version if you expect all features to work.

The updated version features a major code overhaul from earlier releases. Notably, the client is no longer wholly a kicker applet but is separated into two components. The kiosk locker window no longer runs on the address space of KDE's kicker. Instead, a proxy applet launches a separate KioskLock process and communicates to it via DCOP (KDE's IPC mechanism). This way, kicker and kdesktop can be completely disabled without resorting to the problematic hiding or unhiding kicker and the kdesktop when enabling Kiosk-Mode UI. ... read more

Posted by Abdiel Janulgue 2005-07-20

OpenKiosk 2.0 released

OpenKiosk 2.0 features major enhancements to both the clients and server module of the system. The biggest change is the introduction of the Kiosk-Mode User Interface. Other features include membership support, delegation of configuration access to operators, restricting prepaid and member access to a particular workgroup, remote viewing of site status using a web browser, remote reporting, detailed reports and more.... read more

Posted by Abdiel Janulgue 2005-07-06