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OpenKETA / News: Recent posts

version 1.11 ready!

ver. 1.11
1. Modified the recv_sock.c to correct the process_static_req function. The old one maybe do wrong with the browser request.
2. Add the OpenKETA_Configure file to configure the compile environment and configure the keta.conf & loader.conf.

Posted by pine tan 2006-12-07

OpenKETA@FreeBSD v1.02 available

Revised some code to make it can be runned on FreeBSD v.5.4

Posted by pine tan 2005-06-21

OpenKETA@FreeBSD v1.01 & FAQ v1.0 available

Release OpenKETA@FreeBSD v1.01 which fixed some misc. bugs.
Moreover, we gives OpenKETA@FreeBSD's FAQ v1.0

Posted by pine tan 2005-06-20

OpenKETA@FreeBSD v1.0 released!

I revised the FREE code of keta_accept1() to make it more stable.

I have tested OpenKETA@FreeBSD 4*24.

Posted by pine tan 2005-06-11

OpenKETA@FreeBSD v0.81 is available

ver. 0.81:
1. Changes all initial & free functions. To avoid the error when free function try to call some uninitialed mutex for initial operations occured error.
2. Changes the init_dc function. Let user can change the setting of total DC size with the help of /etc/keta_conf/keta.conf while do not need to update the macro's definition of DC_SIZE.
3. Others minor changes

Posted by pine tan 2005-06-01

OpenKETA opended

OpenKETA v0.8-alpha opened. It is the the first version released.

Posted by pine tan 2005-04-29