#55 Parsing failure if no href in <jnlp> tag

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From: Mark Koennecke <Mark.Koennecke@psi.ch>

I had a jnlp file which did not define the href attribute in the top jnlp tag. This caused openjnlp to die with an undefined reference. Took me quite some time to figure that one out. JavaWebStart runs this file without a problem. And the information required (the source URL) is a parameter to JNLPParser: parseDescription where this problem occurs.


  • Kevin Herrboldt

    Kevin Herrboldt - 2002-06-20
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  • Kevin Herrboldt

    Kevin Herrboldt - 2002-06-20
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed
  • Kevin Herrboldt

    Kevin Herrboldt - 2002-06-20

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    Grr, this used to be working. Got it fixed.

    The problems:

    -tried to parse jnlp descriptor from cache, but no href in <jnlp> tag keeps the jnlp descriptor from being cached. Fixed this is org.nanode.jnlp.JNLPParser.parseDescriptor().

    -Without href in the <jnlp> tag, the org.nanode.launcher.Descriptor source reference was a reference to null url. This was fixed by substituting a reference to the srcURL in org.nanode.jnlp.JNLPContentHandler when creating the Descriptor object if the jnlpSpec.getReference() was null.

    -jnlpSpec was created with a reference to a null url if href was not specified in the <jnlp> tag. This also caused org.nanode.launcher.Launcher to gak when building the external command since there was no source url to include on the command line. Changed to create jnlpSpec with a null source reference in this case.

    -Added check for null jnlpSpec null reference when parsing the descriptor in JNLPParser. This fixed the launcher problem.

    Egads, quite the ripple effect.


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