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OpenJMS 0.7.7-beta-1 released

The OpenJMS team is pleased to announce the release of OpenJMS

This contains the following changes since 0.7.7-alpha-3:

* Added RFE-982260: support for context classloader during deserialization
* Fixed BUG-1502902 Admin API reports available messages when queue is empty
* Fixed BUG-1480739: receiveNoWait() with AUTO_ACK not ackwnowledging messages
* Fixed BUG-1402865: Killed client prevents reconnect over http
* Fixed BUG-1436546: NullPointerException thrown by selector
* Fixed BUG-1413927: concurrent-1.3.4.jar missing from usersguide/jars.html
* Fixed BUG-1123902: Heirarchical names results in NameNotFoundException
* Fixed BUG-1236732: Impossible to bind queue to jms.queue1
* Fixed BUG-1611385: Client-Server Connection hangs and locks clients

Known Issues

* Persistent messages using the default database (Derby) are currently limited to 32K.
A workaround for this issue is described here:

To see a list of changes to OpenJMS, please refer to the Changes Report:

We hope you enjoy using OpenJMS! If you have any questions, please consult:

* the FAQ:
* the openjms-user mailing list:

- The OpenJMS team

Posted by Tim Anderson 2007-03-12

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