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Open JMail in the indutry

The Open JMail team is proud to announce yet another site using Open JMail for their Java needs. RecipeXperience Ltd uses the Open JMail API and Server as foundation classes for their ground breaking free email service Check it out!

Posted by Lars J. Nilsson 2002-08-02

Open JMail Security Update

Security update: A bug caused the message parser to throw a runtime error if a certain malformed message body structure was encountered. The error ocurred when handling so called MimeExploit virus messages and caused the parser to fail. It has now been corrected

Posted by Lars J. Nilsson 2002-08-02

Open JMail ver 1.0.2 released

A new version of the Open JMail API is out. It contains long due bug fixes, as well as support for message/rfc822 content type and more.

Posted by Lars J. Nilsson 2001-12-02

Open JMail API ver. 1 Released!

This is the first release of the Open JMail API, a scalable and powerful email and message API with support for all relevant protocols. Based on an abstract message design it is easy to use while still keeping an exact control of implementation details. It comes with full source and Java documentation under the GNU General Public License.

Posted by Lars J. Nilsson 2001-04-08