#1 Make openjade faster

Craig Small

I took the example sgml code from the linuxdoc website and ran it through both jade 1.2.1 and openjade
1.4devel1 (both Debian packages).
jade took 24 seconds, openjade took 3 minutes and 31 seconds.

Is there any reason for the 7x slowness of openjade?

The sgml code was big-howto-template.sgml

Obviously this is not a real serious bug, but one that means a lot of people will stay with jade.


  • Adam Di Carlo

    Adam Di Carlo - 2001-02-08

    Yes, I agree. The problem, as I understand it, is the move to 32-bit characters, internally.

    I'm not much of a C++ hacker so I can't really fix it, but clasen seemed to thing it would be pretty easy to make it a lot faster.

    Patches welcome!

  • Björn Höhrmann

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    • summary: openjade is REAL slow --> Make openjade faster
  • Neil Roeth

    Neil Roeth - 2005-08-16

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    I figured out this problem a while ago, it is due to the
    addition of DTDDECL handling. I can think of two options:
    (1) figure out a better way to implement the DTDDECL
    handling, or (2) disable DTDDECL handling by default and add
    an option to enable it.


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